Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 99, November, 2016

  • Mark Anderson, Robert C. Brigham, Julie R. Carrington, Ronald D. Dutton and Richard P. Vitray, "Mortal and Eternal Vertex Covers", pp. 3-21
  • Rao Li, "Spread Conditions for Some Hamiltonian Properties of a Graph", pp. 23-27
  • Midori Kobayashi and Gisaku Nakamura, "Uniform coverings of 2-paths in the complete graph and the complete bipartite graph", pp. 29-39
  • J.D. Key and J. Moori, "Designs from maximal subgroups and conjugacy classes of finite simple groups", pp. 41-60
  • I. Wayan Sudarsana, "On the Ramsey number for cycle with respect to identical copies of complete graphs", pp. 61-68
  • Chenchu B. Gottipati and Stephen C. Locke, "Cohesion And Non-Separating Trees In Connected Graphs", pp. 69-79
  • Xiuli Wang and Lina Wang, "A Construction of Multi-sender Authentication Codes from Polynomials over Finite Fields", pp. 81-88
  • Colton Magnant and Pouria Salehi-Nowbandegani, "Monochromatic connectivity in monochromatic-star-free graphs", pp. 89-96
  • Nader Jafari Rad and Roghayyeh Qezel Sofia, "A Note on the Fair Domination in Trees", pp. 97-105
  • John Asplund, Joe Chaffee and James M. Hammer, "Some Bounds on the Size of DI-Pathological Graphs", pp. 107-129
  • Daniel Short, Nathan Kaplan and Darren A. Narayan, "Flanking Numbers and Arankings of Cyclic Graphs", pp. 131-150
  • Yair Caro, Josef Lauri and Christina Zarb, "Degree Monotone Paths and Graph Operations", pp. 151-166
  • Arjun Jambulapati and Ralph Faudree, "A Collection of Results on Saturation Numbers", pp. 167-185
  • Gerd H. Fricke, Tim O'Brien, Chris Schroeder and Stepehen T. Hedetniemi, "On the Equivalence of the Upper Open Irredundance and Fractional Upper Open Irredundance Numbers of a Graph", pp. 187-198
  • Courtney R. Gibbons, Joshua D. Laison and Erick J. Paul, "Critical Pebbling Numbers of Graphs", pp. 199-224
  • Xinrong Ma, Douglas R. Stinson and Ruizhong Wei, "An optimization problem for combinatorial key predistribution", pp. 225-235
  • Nicole Looper and Nathan Saritzky, "An Anti-Waring Theorem", pp. 237-240
  • Xuemei Liu, Yingmo Jie and Yinbo Zhang, "Construction of deterministic Compressed Sensing matrices based on error-correcting pooling designs", pp. 241-254
  • Ryan C. Bunge, Saad I. El-Zanati, Jessica Klister, Dan Roberts and Catherine Ruddell, "On ordered directed ρ-labelings of bipartite digraphs and cyclic digraph decompositions", pp. 255-268
  • Katherine F. Benson, "On Radio Labeling Edge-Balanced Caterpillars", pp. 269-305

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