Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 97, May, 2016

  • Ni Chen-min, Liu Zhi-shan and Lu Fu-liang, "On the E3-cordiality of some Graphs", pp. 3-10
  • N.R. Santhimaheswari and C. Sekar, "On (r,2,k)-Regular Fuzzy Graphs", pp. 11-21
  • Hongmei Liu, Maozeng Tang and Dan Yuan, "Some New Results on Fault-tolerant Cycles Embedding in Folded Hypercubes", pp. 23-36
  • G. Sethuraman and N. Shanmugapriya, "Almost Arbitrary Supersubdivision of Every Graph is Cordial", pp. 37-49
  • You Gao, Gang Wang and Yinghua Han, "q-analogue of covering designs and Steiner systems based on singular linear space", pp. 51-63
  • N. Neela and C. Selvaraj, "Conjecture on Odd Graceful Graphs", pp. 65-82
  • Christopher M. van Bommel and Martin F. van Bommel, "Eternal Domination Numbers of 5 x n Grid Graphs", pp. 83-102
  • P.J. Couch, "The Metamorphoses of Maximum Packings of 2Kn with Triples to Maximum Packings of 2Kn with 4-cycles for n = 5,8, and 11 (mod 12)", pp. 103-118
  • Dean Crnkovic and Andrea Svob, "On some transitive combinatorial structures and codes constructed from the symplectic group S(6,2)", pp. 119-138
  • Alexander Lange, Ivan Livinsky and Stanislaw Radziszowski, "Computation of the Ramsey Numbers R(C4,K9) and R(C4,K10)", pp. 139-154
  • Feng-Zhen Zhao and Chun Wang, "On Monotonicity of Some Sequences Related to Hyperfibonacci Numbers and Hyperlucas Numbers", pp. 155-172
  • Alejandra Estanislao and Frederic Meunier, "A Business Dinner Problem", pp. 173-188
  • Eric Andrews, Chira Lumduanhom, Elliot Laforge and Ping Zhang, "On Proper-Path Colorings in Graphs", pp. 189-207
  • Toru Kojima, "On path-supermagic labelings of cycles", pp. 209-216
  • Tingting Liu and Yumei Hu, "Some upper bounds for 3-rainbow index of graphs", pp. 217-225
  • C.M. van Bommel and J. Gorzny, "Exact Values for the ε-Ascent Chromatic Index of Complete Graphs", pp. 227-240
  • Jian-Hua Yin and Yang Rao, "Turan number for pSr", pp. 241-245
  • William F. Klostermeyer, Mary Lawrence and Gary MacGillivray, "Dynamic Dominating Sets: the Eviction Model for Eternal Domination", pp. 247-269

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