Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 96, February, 2016

  • Terry A. McKee, "When all minimal k-vertex separators induce complete or edgeless subgraphs", pp. 3-11
  • Andrei Braga, Cid C. de Souza and Orlando Lee, "A note on the paper "Eternal security in graphs" by Goddard, Hedetniemi, and Hedetniemi (2005)", pp. 13-22
  • M.J. Grannell and M. Knor, "Pasch trades on the projective triple system of order 31", pp. 23
  • Hua Wang and Shuai Yuan, "Trees With Given Degree Sequence In S-Order", pp. 33-40
  • Wei-Guo Chen and Zhi-Hong Chen, "Spanning Eulerian subgraphs and Catlin's reduced graphs", pp. 41-63
  • P. Horak and V. Hromada, "On a Tiling Paradox", pp. 65-102
  • Juan Rada, "The zig-zag chain as an extremal value of VDB topological indices of polyomino chains", pp. 103-111
  • Gary Chartrand, Futaba Fujie and Ping Zhang, "On an Extension of an Observation of Hamilton", pp. 113-128
  • A. Su, J. Buchanan, R.C. Bunge, S.I. El-Zanati, E. Pelttari, G. Rasmuson, E. Sparks and S. Tagaris, "On decompositions of complete multipartite graphs into the union of two even cycles", pp. 129-157
  • Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Dana Rowland, "An Elementary Computation of the Conway Polynomial for (m,3) and (m,4) Torus Links", pp. 159-170
  • Yun Feng and Wensong Lin, "On the neighbor sum-distinguishing vertex coloring of a graph", pp. 171-194
  • Neville Robbins, "On r-Regular Compositions", pp. 195-199
  • Dinesh G. Sarvate, Paul A. Winter and Li Zhang, "A Fundamental Theorem of Multigraph Decomposition of a λKm,n", pp. 201-216
  • Michael E. Picollelli, "A note on Kr-free graphs with chromatic number at least r", pp. 217-222
  • Richard C. Brewster and Aaron E.B. Martens, "The reconstruction number of a lexicographic sum of cliques", pp. 223-233
  • C. David Raj, C. Jayasekaran and S.S. Sandhya, "Few Families Of Harmonic Mean Graphs", pp. 235-243
  • Andrew Ash, J. Marshall Ash, Timothy L. McMurray, Allen J. Schwenk and Bridget E. Tenner, "A Balanced Diplomacy Tournament", pp. 245-264
  • R.S. Haoer, K.A. Atan and A.M. Khalaf, "Eccentric Connectivity Index of Certain Graphs", pp. 265-281
  • M.A. Shalu and S. Devi Yamini, "Counting the maximal independent sets in power set graphs", pp. 283-291
  • Nabil Shalaby, Bradley Sheppard and Daniela Silvesan, "Cyclic, Simple, and Indecomposable Three-fold Triple Systems", pp. 293-311
  • Melissa Erdmann, "Magical Mathematical Connections with the Borda Voting Method", pp. 313-320
  • Danny Dyer, Sadegheh Haghshenas and Nabil Shalaby, "Constructing the Spectrum of Packings and Coverings for the Complete Graph with 4-stars", pp. 321-334
  • Ravi Montenegro, David A. Huckaby and Elaine White Harmon, "Groups of Rotating Squares", pp. 335-349

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