Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 94, August, 2015
1st 9 are from the 27th Midwestern Conference

  • Derek W. Hein and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "Decompositions of λKn into S(4,3)'s", pp. 3-14
  • Sigit Pancahayani and Rinovia Simanjuntak, "Directed Metric Dimension of Oriented Graphs with Cyclic Covering", pp. 15-25
  • Barbara M. Anthony and Richard Denman, "Conditions for the Bicolorability of Primitive Hypergraphs", pp. 27-41
  • E.A. Yfantis and A. Fayed, "A Novel Digital Modulation Method for Digital Wireless Communications", pp. 43-51
  • Dinesh G. Sarvate and Li Zhang, "Decompositions of a 2k10t+5 into H3 Graphs", pp. 53-59
  • Eric Andrews, Zhenming Bi and Ping Zhang, "On Eulerian Regular Complete 5-Partite Graphs and a Cycle Decomposition Problem", pp. 61-77
  • Eric Andrews and Ping Zhang, "On a Graph Theoretic Division Algorithm and Maximal Decompositions of Graphs", pp. 79-95
  • Chira Lumduanhom, Eric Andrews and Ping Zhang, "On Monochromatic Spectra in Graphs", pp. 97-114
  • Eric Andrews, Daniel Johnston and Ping Zhang, "On Twin Edge Colorings in Trees", pp. 115-131
  • Mustapha Chellali and Nader Jafari Rad, "Independent 2-rainbow domination in graphs", pp. 133-148
  • Beata Benyi and Eotvos Jozsef Foiskola, "A simple bijection between 312-avoiding permutations and triangulations", pp. 149-155
  • Yanfang Zhang and Qingde Kang, "Decompositions of Kν into four kinds of graphs with eight vertices and eight edges", pp. 157-165
  • Christopher Duffy and Gary MacGillivray, "An Analysis Of The Weighted Firefighter Problem", pp. 167-175
  • Charles A. Cusack, Stephanie P. Edwards and Darren B. Parker, "Multidesigns of Complete Graphs for Graph-Triples of Order 6", pp. 177-203
  • Robert Scheidweiler and Eberhard Triesch, "Gap-neighbour-distinguishing colourings", pp. 205-214
  • Yuefang Sun, "Generalized 3-connectivity and 3-edge-connectivity for the Cartesian products of some graph classes ", pp. 215-225
  • Yuefang Sun, "Maximum generalized local connectivities of cubic Cayley graphs on Abelian groups", pp. 227-236
  • Eddie Cheng, Ke Qiu and Zhizhang Shen, "Edge Centered Surface Area for the (n,k)-Star Graph", pp. 237-260
  • Omar Alomari, Mohammad Abudayah and Hasan Al-Ezeh, "Graphs whose complement and cube are isomorphic", pp. 261-271
  • Marilyn Breen, "A Note Concerning Kernels Of Staircase Starshaped Sets In Rd", pp. 273-277
  • Jeff Rushall and Alessandra Graf, "A Note on the Omitted Vertex Label of Graceful Pendant Graphs", pp. 279-282
  • Abhaya M. Chitre and Nirmala B. Limaye, "On edge-3-equitability of Kn-union of helms", pp. 283-299
  • Ralucca Gera, Craig E. Larson, Ryan Pepper and Craig Rasmussen, "Independence in Function Graphs", pp. 301-312
  • Luc Lapierre and Sean McGuinness, "Constructing Trees with Graceful Labelings Using Caterpillars", pp. 313-321

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