Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 93, May, 2015

  • A. Bonisoli and B. Ruini, "Balance, partial balance and balanced-type spectra in graph-designs", pp. 3-22
  • Morgan R. Frank and Jeffrey H. Dinitz, "On Maximal Partial Costas Latin Squares", pp. 23-32
  • Shinya Fujita, Henry Liu and Colton Magnant, "Rainbow k-Connection in Dense Graphs", pp. 33-52
  • Terry A. McKee, "Dual-Chordal and Strongly Dual-Chordal Graphs", pp. 53-63
  • B.S. Panda and S. Paul, "Vertices contained in all or in no Minimum Liar's Dominating Sets of a Tree", pp. 65-90
  • Erfang Shan and Hengwu Jiang, "A note on the security number of grid-like graphs", pp. 91-96
  • Catherine Baker and Elizabeth J. Billington, "Decomposition of complete tripartite graphs into gregarious 3-paths and 6-cycles", pp. 97-130
  • C.M. Mynhardt and J. Wodlinger, "Uniquely Radial Trees", pp. 131-152
  • N.R. Santhi Maheswari and C. Sekar, "Some Minimal (r,2,k)-Regular Graphs Containing A Given Graph", pp. 153-160
  • C. Dinavahi, D. Prier and M. Tiemeyer, "On cycle frames with cycles of length 8", pp. 161-173
  • Yanfang Zhang, Zhijun Wang and Yingwei Chen, "On large sets of K1,p-decomposition of complete bipartite graphs", pp. 175-181
  • Daniel Johnston and Ping Zhang, "On Color Frames of Claws and Matchings", pp. 183-200
  • David J. Marchette, Sul-Young Choi, Andrey Rukhin and Carey E. Priebe, "Neighborhood Homogeneous Labelings of Graphs", pp. 201-220
  • Shinya Fujita, Linda Lesniak and Agnes Toth, "Further remarks on long monchromatic cycles in edge-colored complete graphs", pp. 221-225
  • Nader Jafari Rad, "Roman domination critical graphs upon edge subdivision", pp. 227-245
  • Jessie Deering and William Jamieson, "On Anti-Waring Numbers", pp. 247-254
  • Ewa Kubicka and Grzegorz Kubicki, "Optimal Stopping Time On A Minority Color In A 2-Color Urn Scheme", pp. 255-272
  • Frank Plastria, "Calculating The Frequency Of Tournament Score Sequences", pp. 273-290
  • Gary Tiner, "On the Erdos-Sos Conjecture and double-brooms", pp. 291-296
  • Jason I. Brown, Aysel Erey and Jian Li, "Extremal Restraints for Graph Colourings", pp. 297-304
  • Luis B. Morales and Carlos Velarde, "On the Classification of Resolvable 2-(12,6,5c) Designs", pp. 305-319

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