Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 92, February, 2015
ICMEB Conference

  • Bader Ali, Abdullah Al Mutairi and Paul Manuel, "Paired Domination Problems of Infinite Diamond Lattice", pp. 3-13
  • G. Sethuraman and M. Sujasree, "On γ-Labeling of the Almost-Bipartite Graph", pp. 15-24
  • P. Roushini Leely Pushpam and G. Navamani, "Eternal m-security in Certain Classes of Graphs", pp. 25-38
  • Mahavir Banukumar, "Embedding the Myceilski of a Graph and the Amalgamation of Two Graphs in Pages", pp. 39-46
  • J. Jeba Jesintha and K. Ezhilarasi Hilda, "Double shells with two pendant edges at the apex are k-graceful", pp. 47-57
  • Joice Punitha M, "Strong Kernel in Certain Oriented Networks", pp. 59-69
  • G. Britto Antony Xavier and E. Suresh, "Combinatorial Counting Relations of C3, C4-Free Graphs", pp. 71-80
  • R. Arulprakasam, V.R. Dare and S. Gnanasekaran, "On Fuzzy Regular ω-Languages", pp. 81-91
  • N. Jansirani and V.R. Dare, "Kolakoski Array over 2-letter Alphabet", pp. 93-101
  • Charles Robert Kenneth, "Radio Antipodal Number of Gird like Architecture Graphs", pp. 103-110
  • A. Shanthakumari, "Broadcasting in Sierpinski Gasket Graphs", pp. 111-119
  • N. Parthiban, R. Sundara Rajan and Indra Rajasingh, "Embedding Circulant and Grid Based Network", pp. 121-129
  • Jasintha Quadras and S. Teresa Arockiamary, "Total Edge Irregularity Strength of Hexagonal Networks", pp. 131-138
  • S. Little Joice, "Acyclic Kernel number of Biregular Graphs", pp. 139-146
  • Jasintha Quadras and S. Sarah Surya, "Embedding of Hypercubes into Banana trees", pp. 147-157
  • V. Annamma, "On Total Vertex Irregularity Strength of Honeycomb Derived Networks", pp. 159-165
  • Jasintha Quadras and Vasanthika S, "Chromatic Layout Number of Paths and Cycles", pp. 167-174
  • Sharmila Mary Arul and P. Sivagami, "Bounds on the 3-rainbow Domination", pp. 175-184
  • K. Kavitha and N.G. David, "Equitable Total Domination Edge Addition Stable Graphs", pp. 185-194
  • Abdullah Al Mutairi, Bader Ali and Paul Manuel, "Packing in Carbon Nanotubes", pp. 195-206
  • V. Yegnanarayanan and V. Thamaraiselvi, "A Note On Distance Graphs", pp. 207-213
  • Sudeep Stephen, Bharati Rajan, Mirka Miller, Cyriac Grigorious and Albert William, "On the Energy of Certain Recursive Structures", pp. 215-222
  • R. Arundhadhi and K. Thirusangu, "Acyclic Coloring of Central and Total Graph of Path Pn and Fan Graph Fm,n", pp. 223-231
  • Bharati Rajan, Albert William and S. Prabhu, "On Certain Resolving Parameters of Tree Derived Architectures", pp. 233-242
  • J. Baskar Babujee and J. Senbagamalar, "Terminal Wiener Index of Detour saturated Trees and Nanostar Dendrimers", pp. 243-253
  • S. Roy and Albert William, "Minimum 2-edge connected spanning subgraph of certain graphs", pp. 255-264
  • N. Jayanth Karthik, E. Chandrasekaran and R. Sattanathan, "Solving Symmetric Fully Fuzzy Linear Systems With Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number Matrices", pp. 265-274
  • V. Yegnanarayanan and P. Vaidhyanathan, "A Note On Magic Graphs", pp. 275-281
  • Indra Rajasingh, R. Sundara Rajan, Rajesh M and Paul Manuel, "Oriented Diameter of Grids", pp. 283-288
  • R. Sujatha and T.M. Rajalaxmi, "Long-Run Behavior of Intuitionistic Markov Chain", pp. 289-295

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