Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 91, November, 2014

  • Xin Xie and Jun-Ming Xu, "On the (l,ω)-domination numbers of the circulant network", pp. 3-18
  • Marcus Bartlett, Elliot Krop, Colton Magnant, Fedelis Mutiso and Hua Wang, "Variations Of Distance-Based Invariants Of Trees", pp. 19-29
  • William F. Klostermeyer and Gary MacGillivray, "Eternal Domination in Trees", pp. 31-50
  • Chunhui Lai and Mingjing Liu, "Some open problems on cycles", pp. 51-64
  • Ernst Schuster, "New classes of group divisible designs with block size 4 and group type gum1", pp. 65-105
  • Xiaodong Xu, Meilian Liang and Zehui Shao, "On weak Sidon sequences", pp. 107-113
  • M. Ali, M.T. Rahim and G. Ali, "On three families of graphs with constant metric dimension", pp. 115-121
  • Sarah Spence Adams, Elsa Culler, Mathav Kishore Murugan, Connor Stokes and Steven Zhang, "Improved Multilevel Hadamard Matrices and their Generalizations over the Gaussian and Hamiltonian Integers", pp. 123-153
  • T. Tamizh Chelvam and K. Selvakumar, "Domination In The Directed Zero-Divisor Graph Of Ring Of Matrices", pp. 155-163
  • A.J. Geyer, D.A. Bulutoglu and S.J. Rosenberg, "The LP relaxation orthogonal array polytope and its permutation symmetries", pp. 165-176
  • Mingjin Wang, "A New Look At Sear's 3φ2 Transformation Formula", pp. 177-183
  • Michael Yatauro, "Binding Number and Tenacity", pp. 185-196
  • Marilyn Breen, "Using Chains Of Boxes To Recognize Staircase Starshaped Sets in Rd", pp. 197-203
  • Wei Gao, Tianwei Xu, Li Liang and Juxiang Zhou, "Isolated toughness condition for a graph to be a fractional (g,f,n)-critical graph", pp. 205-213
  • Elie Feder and David Garber, "On the Orchard crossing number of prisms, ladders and other related graphs", pp. 215-232
  • Guodong Liu and Jing Xu, "An algorithm on the Wiener polarity index of bipartite graphs", pp. 233-238
  • Amy Baer, Brenda Johnson Mammenga and Christopher Spicer, "2-Color Rado Numbers for Σm-1i=1 xi + c = xm", pp. 239-255
  • M. Mohammad-Noori, "Enumeration of walks in the square lattice according to their areas", pp. 257-274
  • Mark Anderson, Julie R. Carrington, Robert C. Brigham, Ronald D. Dutton and Richard P. Vitray, "Graphs Simultaneously Achieving Three Vertex Cover Numbers", pp. 275-290
  • Atif A. Abueida and Courtney Perkins, "Decompositions of complete graphs with holes of the same size into the graph-pair of order 4", pp. 291-298
  • Shannon Overbay, "Embedding Graphs in Cylinder and Torus Books", pp. 299-313

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