Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 90, August, 2014
The first 14 are from the 26th Midwestern Conference

  • Futaba Fujie and Ping Zhang, "A Note on Vertex-Covering Walks", pp. 3-9
  • Dinesh G. Sarvate and Li Zhang, "New Construction Techniques for H2(8t,3)s", pp. 11-19
  • Eric Freden and Michael Grady, "On Gelman's Subgroup Counting Theorem", pp. 21-37
  • Eunjeong Yi, "On the Strong Metric Dimension of Permutation Graphs", pp. 39-58
  • Sin-Min Lee and Ho Kuen Ng, "On friendly index sets of prisms and Mobius ladders", pp. 59-74
  • Eric Andrews, Chira Lumduanhom and Ping Zhang, "From Combinatorial Problems to Graph Colorings", pp. 75-95
  • Charles J. Colbourn, "Conditional Expectation Algorithms For Covering Arrays", pp. 97-115
  • W. Cocke, Rod Forcade and H. Tracy Hall, "The Local Minima In The Lattice-Simplex Covering Problem", pp. 117-122
  • Michael Burton, Tara Noble, Chelynn Day and Quentin Mayo, "A Memory Efficient Algorithm for Combinatorial-based Test Suite Prioritization", pp. 123-137
  • Larry Cummings, "On the Existence of Triangular Difference Systems of Sets", pp. 139-143
  • Gee-Choon Lau, Sin-Min Lee, Karl Schaffer, Siu-Ming Tong and Samantha Lui, "On k-step Hamiltonian Graphs", pp. 145-158
  • D.V. Chopra, Richard M. Low and R. Dios, "A Note on Discrete Factorial Designs of Resolution Five and Seven and Balanced Arrays", pp. 159-165
  • Eric Andrews, Chira Lumduanhom and Ping Zhang, "On Eulerian Irregularities of Prisms, Grids and Powers of Cycles", pp. 167-184
  • Derek W. Hein and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "Decompositions of λKn using Stanton-type graphs", pp. 185-195
  • Roland Lortz and Ingrid Mengersen, "On the Ramsey Numbers of Certain Graphs of Order Five versus All Connected Graphs of Order Six", pp. 197-222
  • Eddie Cheng, Ke Qiu and Zhizhang Shen, "Length Two Path Centered Surface Area for Bipartite Graphs", pp. 223-239
  • C. Cooley, W. Ella, M. Follett, E. Gilson and L. Traldi, "Tied dice. II. Some Asymptotic results", pp. 241-248
  • Christian Altomare, "A Note On Graphic Sequences With No Realization Containing An Induced Four Cycle", pp. 249-253
  • Behzad Omidi Koma and Damiel Panario, "Approximating the Number of Irreducible Polynomials over F2 with Several Prescribed Coefficients", pp. 255-284
  • L. Chikamai, B.G. Rodrigues and Jamshid Moori, "Binary codes from some 2-(64,28,12) designs and their orbit matrices", pp. 285-298

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