Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 82, August, 2012

  • Daniel Bouchard, Patrick Clark, Sin-Min Lee, Sheng-Ping Bill Lo and Hsin-Hao Su, "On Balance Index Sets of Generalized Book and Ear Expansion Graphs", pp. 3-15
  • Roger B. Eggleton, Michael J. Plantholt and Sayun Sotaro, "Purely heterogeneous spanning tree decompositions", pp. 17-32
  • K. Brewington, R.C. Bunge, L.J. Cross, S.I. El-Zanati, C.K. Pawlak, J.L. Smith and S.M. Zeppetello, "On cyclic G-designs where G is the one-point union of two cycles", pp. 33-58
  • Eunjeong Yi, "Domination Value in P2 \square Pn and P2 \square Cn", pp. 59-75
  • D.V. Chopra, Richard M. Low and R. Dios, "Existence of Balanced Arrays and the Positive Semi-definiteness of the Moment Matrix", pp. 77-85
  • Sin-Min Lee, Hsin-Hao Su and Yung-Chin Wang, "On k-Edge-Magic Cubic Graphs", pp. 87-103
  • Christyn Cummings, Irace Gonzalez, Carly Mayberry and Michael Plantholt, "On the Dirac-type Conjecture for Anti-directed Hamiltonian Digraphs", pp. 105-115
  • Narong Punnim and Chariya Uiyyasathian, "Group divisible designs with two associate classes and (λ1, λ2) = (1,2)", pp. 117-130
  • Jesse A. Calvert, Michael J. Schuster and Stanislaw P. Radziszowski, "Computing the Ramsey Number R(K5 - P3, K5)", pp. 131-140
  • T. Helms, H. Jordon, M. Murray and S. Zeppetello, "Langford-type Difference Sets for Cycle Systems", pp. 141-155
  • J.S. Kimberley and J.A. MacDougall, "Mutation of Vertex-Magic Regular Graphs", pp. 157-177
  • A. Chaiyasena, Spencer P. Hurd, Narong Punnim and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "Group Divisible Designs with Two Association Classes", pp. 179-198
  • Daniel Bouchard, Patrick Clark and Hsin-Hao Su, "On Edge-Balance Index Sets of L-product of Cycles with Stars, Part II", pp. 199-209
  • Ryan Jones, Kyle Kolasinski, Chira Lumduanhom and Ping Zhang, "On Color-Connected Graphs", pp. 211-228
  • Kyle F. Jao and Douglas B. West, "Vertex Degrees in Outerplanar Graphs", pp. 229-239
  • Abby Allen Noble and C.A. Rodger, "Maximal Sets of Hamilton Cycles in Complete Multipartite Graphs III", pp. 241-247
  • Tian-Xiao He, "The Characterization of Riordan Arrays and Sheffer-type Polynomial Sequences", pp. 249-268
  • Wannasiri Wannasit and Saad El-Zanati, "On free α-labelings of cubic bipartite graphs", pp. 269-293
  • Futaba Fujie-Okamoto, Ryan Jones, Kyle Kolasinski and Ping Zhang, "On Modular Chromatic Indexes of Graphs", pp. 295-306

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