Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 74, August, 2010
including 23rd MCCCC, 2008

  • Ivana Ilic and Spyros S. Magliveras, "Weak Discrete Logarithms in Non-Abelian Groups", pp. 3-11
  • Sin-Min Lee, Ho Kuen Ng and Siu-Ming Tong, "On Friendly Index Sets of Broken Wheels with Three Spokes", pp. 13-31
  • Reza Ahangar and Rongdong Wang, "Symbolic Computation for Integrator Backstepping Control Laws", pp. 33-42
  • Hossein Shahmohamad and Benjamin Zindle, "Using The Inclusion-Exclusion Principle to Solve Some Problems", pp. 43-52
  • Laxmi Gewali and Navin Rongratana, "Estimating the Free Region of a Sensor Node", pp. 53-64
  • Hau Chan and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "Beautifully Ordered Balanced Incomplete Block Designs", pp. 65-81
  • Neville Robbins, "Some Notes on Partitions Inspired by Schur", pp. 83-94
  • A. Deza, F. Franek, W. Hua, M. Meszka and A. Rosa, "Solutions to the Oberwolfach problem for orders 18 to 40", pp. 95-102
  • D.V. Chopra, Richard M. Low and R. Dios, "Further Contributions to Balanced Arrays of Strength Four", pp. 103-110
  • Bryan Bradford, Derek W. Hein and James Pace, "Sarvate-Beam Quad Systems for v=6", pp. 111-116
  • Cafer Caliskan and Spyros S. Magliveras, "Reconstructing a VW plane from its Collineation Group", pp. 117-127
  • Przemyslaw Gordinowicz and Pawel Pralat, "The Search For The Smallest 3-E.C. Graphs", pp. 129-142
  • Willem Renzema and Ping Zhang, "On Hamiltonian Labelings of Graphs", pp. 143-159
  • E.A. Yfantis and J.B. Pedersen, "Randon Number Generators: Metrics and Tests for Uniformity and Randomness", pp. 161-180
  • Heinrich Niederhausen and Shaun Sullivan, "Ballot Paths Avoiding Depth Zero Patterns", pp. 181-192
  • Emrah Kilic and Pantelimon Stanica, "The Lehmer matrix and its recursive analogue", pp. 193-205
  • Sylwia Cichacz and Dalibor Froncek, "Bipartite graphs decomposable into closed trails", pp. 207-216
  • W.D. Wallis, "Triangle-Free Graphs", pp. 217-221
  • Gary Chartrand, Futaba Okamoto and Ping Zhang , "Neighbor-Distinguishing Vertex Colorings of Graphs", pp. 223-251
  • J. Louis Sewell and Peter J. Slater, "Locating Mobile Intruders Using Dominating Sets", pp. 253-267
  • Margaret A. Francel and Spencer P. Hurd, "Monadic Balanced Ternary Designs", pp. 269-277
  • Futaba Okamoto and Ping Zhang, "The Tree Connectivity of Regular Complete Bipartite Graphs", pp. 279-293
  • Reza Ahangar, Sarjinder Singh and Rongdong Wang, "Dynamic Behavior of Perturbed Logistic Model", pp. 295-311
  • Sergey Gubin, "Complementary To Yannakakis' Theorem", pp. 313-321

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