Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 73, May, 2010

  • Debra Knisley, Yared Nigussie and Attila Por , "On the chromatic number of the α-overlap graphs", pp. 3-13
  • M. Edwards and C.M. Mynhardt , "Acyclic Orientations and Monotonicity in Graphs", pp. 15-29
  • Zhihe Liang and Jianyong Wang , "Six-vertex graph packings and coverings of λKv", pp. 31-53
  • S. Arumugam and C. Sivagnanam , "Neighborhood Connected Domination in Graphs", pp. 55-64
  • Mustapha Chellali, Odile Favaron, Adriana Hansberg and Lutz Volkmann , "On the p-domination, the total domination and the connected domination numbers of graphs ", pp. 65-75
  • Gary Chartrand, Futaba Okamoto, Zsolt Tuza and Ping Zhang , "A Note on Graphs with Prescribed Complete Coloring Numbers", pp. 77-84
  • Sizhong Zhou , "Remarks on (a,b,k)-Critical Graphs", pp. 85-94
  • M.J. Grannell and M. Knor , "An enumeration of minimum genus orientable embeddings of some complete bipartite graphs", pp. 95-102
  • O. Ascigil, Y. Diao, C. Ernst, D. High and U. Ziegler , "Generating 4-regular Hamiltonian Plane Graphs", pp. 103-125
  • Manju K. Menon and A. Vijayakumar , "Dynamics of the P3 intersection graph", pp. 127-134
  • Keith Neu , "The Number of Different Maximal Product-Free Subsets of a Group", pp. 135-141
  • Norman J. Finizio and Sunra J.N. Mosconi , "Balanced Whist Tournaments", pp. 143-158
  • Giorgio Ragusa , "Complete Simultaneous Metamorphosis of λ-fold Kite Systems", pp. 159-180
  • (Ben) P.C. Li and M. Toulouse , "Maximum Leaf Spanning Tree Problem for Grid Graphs", pp. 181-193
  • John Ginsburg , "The number of times the placement algorithm ends at the top and bottom", pp. 195-205
  • Shai Mor and Brett Stevens , "On partitions of {1,...,2m+1,L} into Differences d,...,d+m: Stretched Langford Sequences", pp. 207-221
  • E.J. Cockayne, S. Finbow and J.S. Swarts , "OO-Irredundance and Maximum Degree in Paths and Trees", pp. 223-236
  • Martin Knor , "Minimal Non-Selfcentric Radially-Maximal Graphs Of Radii 4 And 5", pp. 237-243
  • Mustapha Chellali , "Offensive Alliances in Bipartite Graphs", pp. 245-255

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