Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 70, August, 2009
including 21st MCCCC, 2007

  • Patrick Bahls, "The average connectivity of a family of expander graphs", pp. 3-14
  • Spencer P. Hurd, Nutan Mishra and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "Group Divisible Designs With Two Groups and Block Size Five With Fixed Block Configuration", pp. 15-31
  • P. Mark Kayll and David Perkins, "Combinatorial Proof of an Abel-type Identity", pp. 33-40
  • D.V. Chopra, Richard M. Low and R. Dios, "Strength Six Orthogonal Arrays and Their Non-Existence", pp. 41-48
  • J.P. McSorley and W.D. Wallis, "Neighborhood Champions in Regular Graphs", pp. 49-56
  • A. Mohr and T.D. Porter, "Applications of Chromatic Polynomials Involving Stirling Numbers", pp. 57-64
  • Garry L. Johns, Futaba Okamoto and Ping Zhang, "Detour Antipodal Graphs", pp. 65-83
  • Harris Kwong, Sin-Min Lee, Sheng-Ping Bill Lo, Hsin-Hao Su and Yung-Chin Wang, "On Balance Index Sets of L-Products with Cycles and Complete Graphs", pp. 85-96
  • L.J. Cummings, "Neighborhoods of Unbordered Words in the n-Cube", pp. 97-106
  • Amir Barghi and Hossein Shahmohamad, "Chromatic Polynomials of C4 x Pn and C5 x Pn", pp. 107-110
  • Rommel Barbosa and Bert Hartnell, "The effect of vertex and edge deletion on the number of sizes of maximal independent sets", pp. 111-116
  • G.L. Chia and Chee-Kit Ho, "A Result on Chromatic Uniqueness of Edge-Gluing of Graphs", pp. 117-126
  • R. Douglas Chatham, Maureen Doyle, John J. Miller, Amber M. Rogers, R. Duane Skaggs and Jeffrey A. Ward, "Algorithm Performance For Chessboard Separation Problems", pp. 127-142
  • Alan C.H. Ling and J.H. Dinitz, "The Hamilton-Waterloo problem with triangle-factors and Hamilton cycles: The case n ≡ 3 (mod 18)", pp. 143-147
  • M.J. Grannell, T.S. Griggs, G. LoFaro and A. Tripodi, "Small bowtie systems: an enumeration", pp. 149-159
  • E. Butzen, S.I. El-Zanati, H. Jordon, A. Modica and R. Schrishuhn, "On ρ-labeling up to ten vertex-disjoint C4x+1", pp. 161-176
  • Italo J. Dejter and Abel A. Delgado, "Perfect domination in rectangular grid graphs", pp. 177-196
  • Ilias S. Kotsireas and Christos Koukouvinos, "New weighing matrices of order 2n and weight 2n-5", pp. 197-205
  • S. Arumugam, K.A. Germina and T.M.K. Anandavally, "On Additively Geometric Graphs", pp. 207-216
  • Abdollah Khodkar and David Leach, "The chromatic number of K2(9,4) is 11", pp. 217-220
  • Yoan Jose Pinzon Ardilla, Manolis Christodoulakis, Costas S. Iliopoulos and Manal Mohamed, "Efficient (δ,γ)-Pattern-Matching with Don't Cares", pp. 221-234
  • M.R. Darafsheh, A.R. Ashrafi and M. Khademi, "On designs constructed by group actions", pp. 235-245
  • C.A. Rodger and Meredith Roy, "Combinatorial Group Testing in Bipartite Graphs", pp. 247-252
  • Indra Rajasingh, Bharati Rajan, M. Arockiaraj and Paul Manuel, "Minimally k-equitable Labeling of Butterfly and Benes Networks", pp. 253-260

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