Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 66, August, 2008
including 20th MCCCC, 2006

  • Suh-Ryung Kim, Sin-Min Lee and Ho Kuen Ng, "On Balancedness of Some Graph Constructions", pp. 3-16
  • Nutan Mishra and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "A Note on Non-Regular Planar Graphs", pp. 17-31
  • Aiden A. Bruen and James M. McQuillan, "Those Amazing Desargues Configurations", pp. 33-41
  • Harris Kwong and Sin-Min Lee, "On Friendly Index Sets of Generalized Books", pp. 43-58
  • D.V. Chopra, M. Bsharat and Gobind P. Mehta, "Some New Results on Balanced Arrays of Strength Five", pp. 59-64
  • Ebrahim Salehi, "Distance Two Vertex-Magic Graphs", pp. 65-77
  • Lili Zhang, Kamal Hennayake, Hong-Jian Lai and Yehong Shao, "A lower bound of the l-edge-connectivity and optimal graphs", pp. 79-95
  • Alison M. Marr, "Graceful Labelings of Directed Graphs", pp. 97-103
  • Ebrahim Salehi and Patrick Bennett, "Integer-Magic Spectra Of Trees Of Diameter Five", pp. 105-111
  • Harris Kwong, Sin-Min Lee and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "On Balance Index Sets of One-Point Unions of Graphs", pp. 113-127
  • Dalibor Froncek, "Orthogonal Double Covers Of Complete Graphs by Lobsters Of Diameter 5", pp. 129-134
  • Alexander Nien-Tsu Lee, Sin-Min Lee and Ho Kuen Ng, "On The Balance Index Sets of Graphs", pp. 135-150
  • Michal Sramka, "On the Security of Stickel's Key Exchange Scheme", pp. 151-159
  • Linda Eroh and Ralucca Gera, "Global Alliance Partition in Trees", pp. 161-169
  • W.C. Shiu, M.H. Ling and Richard M. Low, "The Edge-graceful Spectra of Connected Bicyclic Graphs Without Pendant", pp. 171-185
  • Christopher M. Earles, "Judgment Aggregation And The Greedy Algorithm", pp. 187-194
  • Sin-Min Lee, Claude Levesque, Sheng-Ping Bill Lo and Karl Schaffer, "On the Edge-graceful Spectra of the Cylinder Graphs (I)", pp. 195-214
  • John W. Jones and Philip A. Leonard, "Z-cyclic whist tournaments for q2 players", pp. 215-223
  • Man C. Kong, Sin-Min Lee, Eric Seah and Alfred S. Tang, "A Complete Characterization of Balanced Graphs", pp. 225-236
  • Omar A. AbuGhneim, Hasan A. Al-Halees and Ahmed M. Assaf, "Directed Covering with Block Size 5 and v and λ Odd", pp. 237-255
  • Darren A. Narayan, "Powers of directed Hamiltonian paths as feedback arc sets", pp. 257-272
  • Rosa I. Enciso and Ronald D. Dutton, "Global Domination in Planar Graphs", pp. 273-278
  • W. Lang, J. Quistorff and E. Schneider, "Integer Programming for Covered Codes", pp. 279-288
  • Sharon Koubi and Nabil Shalaby, "The combined use of a genetic algorithm and the hill-climbing algorithm to find difference triangle sets ", pp. 289-296
  • I.J. Dejter, C.C. Lindner, M. Meszka and C.A. Rodger, "Corrigendum/Addendum to: Almost resolvable 4-cycle systems", pp. 297-298

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