Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 65, May, 2008
ICGTIS Conference, 2007

  • Claude Levesque, "On describing the incidence matrix of a finite projective plane via orthogonal latin squares and via a digraph complete set of latin squares", pp. 7-24
  • Guillermo Pineda-Villavincencio and Mirka Miller, "On graphs of maximum degree 3 and defect 4", pp. 25-31
  • G. Araujo, R.M. Figueroa-Centeno, R. Ichishima and F.A. Muntaner-Batle, "How many graphs are super edge-magic? An asymptotic approach", pp. 33-40
  • Dafik, Mirka Miller, Joe Ryan and Martin Baca, "On antimagic labelings of disjoint union of complete s-partite graphs", pp. 41-49
  • Kim Marshall and Joe Ryan, "On antimode graphs", pp. 51-60
  • Martin Baca, Dafik, Mirka Miller and Joe Ryan, "Edge-antimagic total labeling of disjoint union of caterpillars", pp. 61-70
  • Imran Javaid, "On the connected partition dimension of unicyclic graphs", pp. 71-77
  • Edy Tri Baskoro, Lyra Yulianti and Hilda Assiyatun, "Ramsey (K1,2,C4)-minimal Graphs", pp. 79-90
  • Cecilia E. Nugraheni, "Diagram-based verification of parameterized systems", pp. 91-102
  • Kristiana Wijaya and Slamin, "Total vertex irregular labelings of wheels, fans, suns and friendship graphs", pp. 103-112
  • Kashif Ali and Edy Tri Baskoro, "On the Ramsey numbers for a combination of paths and Jahangirs", pp. 113-119
  • Chairul Imron, Budi Setiyono, R. Simanjuntak and Edy Tri Baskoro, "Critical set of caterpillar graph for secret sharing scheme", pp. 121-125
  • Denny R. Silaban and Kiki A. Sugeng, "Edge antimagic total labeling on paths and unicycles", pp. 127-132
  • Helen Burhan, Rahmi Rusin and Kiki A. Sugeng, "Optimum sum labeling of finite union of sum graphs", pp. 133-138
  • H. Iswadi, E.T. Baskoro, R. Simanjuntak and A.N.M. Salman, "The metric dimension of graph with pendant edges", pp. 139-145
  • Kiki A. Sugeng and Mirka Miller, "New constructions of A-magic graphs using labeling matrices", pp. 147-151
  • Surahmat, Edy Tri Baskoro and H.J. Broersma, "The Ramsey numbers of large star and large star-like trees versus odd wheels", pp. 153-162
  • Nurdin, A.N.M. Salman and E.T. Baskoro, "The total edge-irregular strengths of the corona product of paths with some graphs", pp. 163-175
  • A.N.M. Salman, "The computational complexity of λ-backbone colorings of graphs with n-complete backbones", pp. 177-180
  • S.M. Hegde, "On multiplicative labelings of a graph", pp. 181-195
  • T.K. Maryati, E.T. Baskoro and A.N.M. Salman, "Ph-supermagic labelings of some trees", pp. 197-204
  • G.S. Bloom, Alison Marr and W.D. Wallis, "Magic Digraphs", pp. 205-212

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