Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 63, November, 2007

  • Arthur H. Busch and Michael S. Jacobson, "Extremal results on arc-traceable tournaments", pp. 3-15
  • Iliya Bluskov, "On the Covering Numbers C2(v,k,t), t 3", pp. 17-32
  • R.G. Stanton, "A Restricted Sarvate-Beam Triple System for v = 8", pp. 33-35
  • Margaret-Ellen Messinger, "Firefighting on the Triangular Grid", pp. 37-45
  • A.P. Burger and J.H. Van Vuuren, "Enumerating Optimal Solutions to Special Instances of the Lottery Problem", pp. 47-63
  • S. Georgiou, I. Kotsireas and C. Koukouvinos, "Inequivalent Hadamard matrices of order 2n constructed from Hadamard matrices of order n ", pp. 65-79
  • Neville Robbins, "On the Total Number of Parts in Various Partitions", pp. 81-92
  • Vito Napolitano, "An Inequality For Finite Planar Spaces With No Disjoint Planes", pp. 93-95
  • William F. Klostermeyer and Gary MacGillivray, "Eternal Security in Graphs of Fixed Independence Number", pp. 97-101
  • Martin Gruttmuller, Rolf Rees and Nabil Shalaby, "Cyclically Indecomposable Triple Systems that are Decomposable", pp. 103-122
  • Q.Q. Liu and X.R. Ma, "Two new 3F2 summation formulas", pp. 123-128
  • Miroslava Cimrakova and Veerle Fack, "Clique algorithms for finding substructures in generalized quadrangles", pp. 129-143
  • William Duckworth and Alan Gibbons, "Hypercubic Combinatorics: Hamiltonian Decomposition and Permutation Routing", pp. 145-158
  • Miao Liang and Beiliang Du, "Splitting balanced incomplete block designs with block size 2 x 4", pp. 159-172
  • I.J. Dejter, C.C. Lindner, C.A. Rodger and M. Meszka, "Almost Resolvable 4-Cycle Systems", pp. 173-181
  • L.R. Thimm, D.L. Kreher and P. Merkey, "A Parallel implementation for the maximum clique problem", pp. 183-207
  • Ida Pu and Alan Gibbons, "Uniform Generation of Unlabelled Graphs", pp. 209-222

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