Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 58, August, 2006
including 18th MCCCC, 2004

  • Ji Young Choi and Jonathan D.H. Smith, "Recurrences For Tri-Restricted Numbers", pp. 3-11
  • Jonathan Coles and Stanislaw P. Radziszowski, "Computing the Folkman Number Fv(2,2,3;4)", pp. 13-22
  • Aurel Cami, Hemant Balakrishnan, Narsingh Deo and Ronald D. Dutton, "On the Complexity of Finding Optimal Global Alliances ", pp. 23-31
  • R. Dios and D.V. Chopra, "Investigations on the Existence of Some Balanced Arrays with Two Symbols", pp. 33-39
  • Anthony Bonato and Alexander Costea, "Matchings Defined by Local Conditions", pp. 41-53
  • Jonathan D.H. Smith, "Quasigroups and Approximate Symmetry", pp. 55-64
  • Hossein Shahmohamad, "Some Coefficients of the Flow Polynomial of Kn", pp. 65-68
  • Jessie Lenarz, "LMAS: The Key to Enumerating 2-Spheres Over the Edit Metric", pp. 69-86
  • L.J. Cummings, "A Family of Circular Systematic Comma-Free Codes", pp. 87-96
  • Kung-Kuen Tse, "A Note On the Ramsey Numbers R(C4,Bn)", pp. 97-100
  • Yu. M. Movsisyan, A.B. Romananowska and J.D.H. Smith, "Superproducts, Hyperidentities, And Algebraic Structures Of Logic Programming ", pp. 101-111
  • Spencer P. Hurd and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "Pair-Resolvability and Tight Embeddings for Path Designs", pp. 113-127
  • W.C. Shiu and Richard M. Low, "Group Magicness of Complete N-partite Graphs", pp. 129-134
  • Dharam Chopra and Sin-Min Lee, "On Q(a)P(b)-Super Edge-graceful Graphs", pp. 135-152
  • Ruben Aydinyan and Jonathan D.H. Smith, "Loop Transversal Codes for Error Detection", pp. 1543-159
  • Hao Wang, "A New Bound for Difference Systems of Sets", pp. 161-167
  • Jaiwant Mulik and Jawahar Pathak, "Slice Algorithms for Counting in U-Dimensional Space", pp. 169-188
  • Mustapha Chellali and Teresa W. Haynes, "A note on the total domination number of a tree", pp. 189-193
  • M.M.M. Jaradat, "The basis number of the strong product of trees and cycles with some graphs", pp. 195-209
  • Iliya Bluskov and Malcolm Greig, "Pair Covering Designs with Block Size 5 with Higher Index - The case of v even ", pp. 211-222

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