Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 109, May, 2019

  • Jenq-Jong Lin and Min-Jen Jou, "The largest number of maximal independent sets in twinkle graphs", pp. 3-13
  • Derek W. Hein, "Decompositions of λKn into LOW and OLW Graphs", pp. 15-36
  • Gustavus J. Simmons, "Non-cubic, edge-critical Hamilton laceable bigraphs with 3m edges on 2m vertices", pp. 37-46
  • Midori Kobayashi, Keiko Kotani, Nobuaki Mutoh and Gisaku Nakamura, "Dudeney's Round Table Problem - a Survey", pp. 47-59
  • Donovan R. Hare and Peng Zhang, "On The Construction Of Cograph Color Critical Graphs", pp. 61-78
  • Addie Armstrong and Jacob Smith, "Bounds on the Edge Magic Number for Complete Graphs", pp. 79-103
  • Jay Bagga, Laure Pauline Fotso and Max Junior Pambe Biatch, "Discovery of Some New Classes of Graceful Unicyclic Graphs", pp. 105-127
  • Nan Jia, Zhao Wang, Yuzhi Xiao and Jun Yin, "Generalized Nordhaus-Gaddum type results for general Randic index and geometric-arithmetic index of graphs", pp. 129-136
  • Roland Bacher, "The Ring of Support-Classes of SL2(Fq)", pp. 137-155
  • Shangdi Chen and Junying Liang, "Binary LDPC Codes Constructed Based on Symplectic Spaces over Finite Fields", pp. 157-168
  • Maryam Hajibaba and Nader Jafari Rad, "A Note on the Italian Domination Number and Double Roman Domination Number in Graphs", pp. 169-183
  • Yun Feng and Wensong Lin, "On the adjacent vertex-distinguishing total colorings of some cubic graphs", pp. 185-199
  • Elliot Laforge and Ping Zhang, "Strong Chromatic Connectivity of Complete Bipartite Graphs", pp. 201-212
  • Aleksandar Bikov and Nedyalko Nenov, "On the vertex Folkman numbers Fv(a1,...,as; m-1) when max{a1,} = 6 or 7", pp. 213-243
  • Xuemei Liu and Qianyu Fan, "The Construction of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Based on Protograph", pp. 245-255
  • Sandro Rajola, "A new class of maximal partial line spreads in PG(3,q), q even", pp. 257-273
  • Chang Wan, Shitao Li and Fei Deng, "The s-bipartite Ramsey numbers involving K2,3 and K3,3", pp. 275-285

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