Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 106, August, 2018
All are from the 30th Midwestern Conference

  • LeRoy B. Beasley, "Clique Covers of Graphs and Ranks of Boolean Matrices", pp. 3-15
  • Arash Behzad, Mehdi Behzad and Hossein Shahmohamad, "A New Approach to the Total Chromatic Number Conjecture", pp. 17-22
  • Sin-Min Lee, Hsin-Hao Su and Wandi Wei, "On a Family of the Super Edge-Graceful Trees", pp. 23-36
  • A.D. Adeshola and A. Umar, "Combinatorial Results for Certain Semigroups of Order-Preserving Full Contraction Mappings of a Finite Chain", pp. 37-49
  • Trevor McGuire, "On the Multidimensional Frobenius Problem", pp. 51-57
  • Max A. Alekseyev, "On Enumeration of Dyck-Schroder Paths", pp. 59-68
  • N.A. Avila Cervantes, R.C. Bunge, H.R. Bush, D.P. Roberts, A.E. Rocha and K.M. Stilson, "Spectrum for multigraph designs on four vertices and six edges", pp. 69-81
  • Shahab Faruqi, Shashikant A. Katre and Dinesh G. Sarvate, "On edge decompositions of a complete graph into smaller complete graphs", pp. 83-107
  • Ebrahim Salehi and Donald McGinn, "On Friendly Index Set of Hypercube Qn", pp. 109-124
  • Hemanshu Kaul and Christodoulos Mitillos, "On Graph Fall-Coloring - Operators and Heredity", pp. 125-151
  • K.B. Gardner and Anant Godbole, "Universal Cycles of Restricted Words", pp. 153-173
  • Dalibor Froncek, "Full spectrum of regular incomplete 2-handicap tournaments of order n ≡ 0 (mod 16)", pp. 175-184
  • Roger B. Eggleton, Jason S. Kimberley and James A. MacDougall, "Square-free Rank of Integers", pp. 185-207
  • Ximing Dong and Tian-Xiao He, "Permanents of Tridiagonal and Hessenberg Matrices Representing Recursive Number and Polynomial Sequences", pp. 209-222
  • Zhenming Bi, Ian Hart and Ping Zhang, "On Set-Defined Colorings of Cartesian Products of Graphs", pp. 223-239
  • Zhenming Bi, Alexis Byers and Ping Zhang, "On Rainbow Hamiltonian-Connected Graphs and Digraphs", pp. 241-256
  • Zhenming Bi, Drake Olejniczak and Ping Zhang, "The s-Bipartite Ramsey Numbers of Graphs K2,3 and K3,3", pp. 257-272
  • Zhenming Bi, Futaba Fujie and Ping Zhang, "Hamiltonian Extension in Digraphs", pp. 273-290
  • James Hallas, Ian Hart and Ping Zhang, "Sum-Defined Colorings in Graphs", pp. 291-308
  • Stephen Devereaux, Garry L. Johns and Ping Zhang, "Color Connection in Graphs Intermediate to Proper and Rainbow Connection", pp. 309-325

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