Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 100, February, 2017

  • J. David Taylor and Lucas C. van der Merwe, "A note on connected domination critical graphs", pp. 3-8
  • R. Hollander Shabtai and Y. Roditty, "Gossiping and Set-to-Set Broadcasting in Weighted Graphs", pp. 9-25
  • Jessie Deering, Teresa W. Haynes, Stephen T. Hedetniemi and William Jamieson, "Downhill and Uphill Domination in Graphs", pp. 27-35
  • Derek W. Hein, "A New Construction for Decompositions of lKn into LE Graphs", pp. 37-43
  • Kenjiro Ogawa, Satoshi Tagusari and Morimasa Tsuchiya, "On strict semibound graphs of posets", pp. 45-54
  • LeRoy B. Beasley, "Preservers of Upper Ideals of Matrices: Tournaments; Primitivity", pp. 55-75
  • Sapna Jain, "Uniform i-spotty-byte error control codes", pp. 77-95
  • Gerd H. Fricke, Chris Schroeder, Sandra M. Hedetniemi, Stepehn T. Hedetniemi and Renu C. Laskar, "A Contribution to Upper Domination, Irredundance and Distance-2 Domination in Graphs", pp. 97-112
  • Jing Li and Bo Zhou, "On Signless Laplacian Spectra of H-joins", pp. 113-123
  • Aras Erzurumluoglu and C.A. Rodger, "Vertex-equalized Edge-colorings", pp. 125-132
  • J. Lauri, R. Mizzi and R. Scapellato, "Two-Fold Orbitals", pp. 133-154
  • Shaoqiang Liu, "Some Extremal Problems on the Cycle Length Distribution of Graphs", pp. 155-171
  • Ralph P. Grimaldi, "Extraordinary Subsets", pp. 173-198
  • Shangdi Chen, Xue Li and Wenjing Tian, "Two Constructions of A2-codes with secrecy from Polynomials over Finite Fields", pp. 199-215
  • Tim Trudgian and Qiang Wang, "The T4 and G4 constructions of Costas arrays", pp. 217-221
  • Joshua D. Laison, Cam McLeman, Kathryn L. Nyman and Stephanie Partlow, "Weighted Pebbling Numbers of Graphs", pp. 223-244
  • Su-Dan Wang and Wuyungaowa, "Some formulas related to residue method", pp. 245-253
  • Xuemei Liu and Yingmo Jie, "Deterministic Construction of Compressed Sensing Matrices over Finite Sets", pp. 255-267
  • Joe Chaffee, "Neighborhoods in Maximum Packings of 2Kn with Triples", pp. 269-281
  • You Gao and Liyan Zhao, "Construction of Constant Dimension Codes in Some Cases", pp. 283-295

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