Bulletin of the ICA

Volume 79, January 2017

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  • Zhenming Bi, A. Byers and Ping Zhang,"Proper Hamiltonian-Connected Graphs",pp. 56-73
  • R.D. Dutton and R.C. Brigham,"Color Stable Graphs",pp. 74-89
  • P.J. Larcombe and E.J. Fennessey,"On Sequence-Based Closed Form Entries for an Exponentiated General 2 x 2 Matrix: A Re-Formulation and an Application",pp. 90-102
  • C. Barrientos and S. Minion,"Snakes: From Graceful to Harmonious",pp. 103-115
  • J. Lind, F. Garcea, B. Mahon, R. Vargas and D.A. Narayan,"Classroom note: An Application of Edge Clustering Centrality to Brain Connectivity",pp. 116-123
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