Groups & Graphs for Haiku

Last update=31 July, 2020


Download G&G (1.5MB)(July 31, 2020)
This version is for 32-bit Haiku. A version for 64-bit Haiku will be released soon.

Groups & Graphs has been ported to Haiku. And the Haiku version contains much new code that is not in the OSX version. And some bugs have been fixed, too. Graphs can be drawn on the plane, sphere, torus, projective plane, cylinder, Möbius band, Klein bottle, and double torus. Automorphism groups can be found. Also characteristic polynomials, graph products, and more.

There is a unique embedding of K3,3 on the double torus.
A text file containing some Double Torus maps.

There are two embeddings of K3,3 on the Klein bottle.
There are 11 embeddings of K5 on the Klein bottle.
A text file containing some Klein bottle maps.

Recent Additions:
    Improved digraph functionality.
    Improved display of groups.
    A bug in tree generation was fixed.
    Save a sphere map as a tikz file.
    Drawing algorithm for Klein bottle maps (in progress).
    Save torus maps, or Klein maps as postscript files.
    Save a graph as a tikz file.
    Find all embeddings of a graph in the torus or projective plane.


Installing Haiku

Haiku will run on many computers that run Windows or Linux.
(I use an HP xw9400 workstation with an AMD 12-core Opteron.)
Haiku is designed for multiple cpu's, each window runs in its own thread.
You can try it out, or install it, by booting from a Haiku USB stick.
Legacy boot must be enabled.
Or it can be run in a virtual box.

The software can be downloaded from

Haiku images

Instructions for making an anyboot usb stick are at

Haiku anyboot

The installation guide:


Haiku software can be downloaded from Haiku Depot.