Groups & Graphs for Haiku

Last update=12 June, 2023


Download G&G (2MB)(Mar 27, 2023)
This version is for 32-bit Haiku. K3,3 on the double torus.
A text file containing some Double Torus maps.

There are two embeddings of K3,3 on the Klein bottle.
There are 11 embeddings of K5 on the Klein bottle.
A text file containing some Klein bottle maps.

Recent Additions:
    Improved digraph functionality.
    Improved display of groups.
    A bug in tree generation was fixed.
    Save a sphere map as a tikz file.
    Drawing algorithm for Klein bottle maps (in progress).
    Save torus maps, or Klein maps as postscript files.
    Save a graph as a tikz file.
    Find all embeddings of a graph in the torus or projective plane.


Installing Haiku

Haiku will run on many computers that run Windows or Linux.
(I use an HP xw9400 workstation with an AMD 12-core Opteron.)
Haiku is designed for multiple cpu's, each window runs in its own thread.
You can try it out, or install it, by booting from a Haiku USB stick.
Legacy boot must be enabled.
Or it can be run in a virtual box.

The software can be downloaded from

Haiku images

Instructions for making an anyboot usb stick are at

Haiku anyboot

The installation guide:


Haiku software can be downloaded from Haiku Depot.