Argand -- Viewing the Complex Plane

Last update=28 Apr, 2022


Download Argand 32-bit executable (updated Apr 28, 2022)

Download Argand 64-bit executable (updated Apr 28, 2022)

Argand is a program for displaying transformations of the complex plane. An initial circle or rectangle in the complex plane (the z-plane) is transformed by one of a number of possible functions w = f(z) from a drop-down menu, to obtain a new figure in the w-plane. The w-plane can also be transformed, and so forth. But with successive mappings, errors can easily occur.

There are still some bugs, however I am releasing it as-is, with no guarantees. It is for experimenting with functions in the complex plane. Executables for 32-bit Haiku and 64-bit Haiku are provided.

Some screenshots are shown, mapping the circle of the first diagram into w=sinh(z), w=sqrt((z-a)(z-b)), and w=sin(sqrt((z-a)(z-b))). The data window with the constants a and b is also shown.

argand1      argand2

argand3      argand4


When the output of a multi-valued function is transformed, the transformation is done only to one of the connected domains.